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Bridging the Knowledge GAP on Brazilian ABS Compliance

Masterclass designed for International Users of Biodiversity

Brazil is the most biologically diverse country in the world. It is a Member Party to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and to the Nagoya Protocol.

Many foreigners, scientists and business professionals already know about the new Brazilian ABS Law. However, they are still in need to know better about the country's ABS compliance rules.

This unique Masterclass, delivered for the first time in English by a Brazilian senior expert, will provide you a clear idea about the compliance measures that regulate access to Brazilian Genetic Heritage (GH), Associated Traditional Knowledge (ATK) and Benefit-sharing obligations. If you are a user or a potential user of Brazilian biodiversity this Masterclass is for you.

What this course offers

  • A clearer idea about the Brazilian Genetic Heritage and Associated Traditional Knowledgment ABS operation

  • A key overview to better prepare you to support your organization over the Brazilian ABS compliance.

Compact and Fast-Paced

This Masterclass is rich in schematic figures and uses an easy technical language to help you navigate smoothly through this complex regulatory framework. 

Our goal is to provide you the right tools to understand the key aspects of the ABS law. So, you can avoid unnecessary risks on your research and business operations based on Brazilian Genetic Heritage, Associated Traditional Knowledge.

Masterclass Content

  • Brazilian ABS Regulatory Framework

  • Brazilian ABS Regulation Scope

  • Brazilian ABS Key Concepts

  • Types of Brazilian GH/ATK Derived Products

  • Shipping & Sending Brazilian GH Samples Abroad

  • Prior Consent to Access Brazilian GH/ATK

  • Brazilian GH/ATK Benefit-Sharing Obligations

  • Brazilian ABS Online Registration System “SisGen”

  • Brazilian ABS Compliance Triggers

  • Brazilian ABS Enforcement: Infractions & Sanctions

Meet your instructor

Senior Instructor

Diana Jungmann MSc. PhD.

Specialist in biodiversity, bioeconomy and intellectual property. Holds a PhD in Molecular Biology (UK), a Master's in Biophysics (Brazil) and Executive Educations by the Business Schools of Harvard, Wharton (USA) and IMD (Switzerland).

In the biodiversity field Diana was a member of the industrial sector team, liaising with the Federal Government on the new Brazilian ABS Law and its Regulatory Decree. She was leader and co-author of the first Bioeconomy Agenda for Brazil promoted by the National Confederation of Industry, bringing the subject into strategic focus.

She has been involved in high-level public policy projects and discussions with leaders of industry, R&D and the government. In 2020 she launched 14Bisness Academy, offering consultancy and online courses on ABS policy.


All your main questions answered

  • Why should I take this Masterclass?

    Business and Academia users of Brazilian biodiversity that do not comply with this legislation, run the risk of many administrative sanctions and may receive fines ranging from 10 thousand to 10 million Brazilian Reais per type of offense. For a very small fraction of this amount, you can learn to better understand this legal framework and be aware of non-compliance risks and how to mitigate them.

  • When does the Masterclass start and for how long?

    Once enrolled, the masterclass starts at whichever time you want. The entirety of the content is made available on the platform. It is delivered by videos, divided in two parts, with a total 100 minute duration.

  • How does the Masterclass work?

    When you sign up you will receive access information through the email used during purchase. From then on, you can watch and review the videos and download support materials wherever and whenever you want. Upon completion of the Masterclass, you will receive your certificate by email. This is one of the benefits of the online and on demand course. You're the one who's in control.

  • What payment options are available?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

    If you need to pay by bank transfer, please contact us at

    Please note, paying via bank transfer may require additional transaction fees, not included in the price.

    Access to the Course is granted once your purchase has been confirmed.

  • For how long can I access the Masterclass?

    You have access to the Masterclass for a period of three months. You study when and where you want within that time frame.

  • Can I buy a single license for multiple users in my institution?

    We have priced our Masterclass for personal use. Purchases are made per individual and certificates are named after the license holder.

  • Do you offer group discounts?

    Yes! If you wish to purchase more than 5 seats, we offer a special pricing. For more information please reach out at:


The objective of this Masterclass is to offer a broad view of the Brazilian Regulatory Framework for Access to Genetic Heritage (GH), Associated Traditional Knowledge (ATK) and the Benefit-sharing obligations. It comes from the vision, analysis and understanding of 14Bisness on the subject. Information to deepen the content is included as support material for download. It is NOT the objective of the Masterclass to offer a complete or exhaustive report on the subject, given the compact nature of the Masterclass and the high-level complexity of the ABS regulatory compliance, the dynamic and continuous updates of the legislation, and numerous possibilities of issues related to accessing the Brazilian GH and ATK by different types of users. The videos and the support materials should NOT be taken as 14Bisness offering any legal advice to Masterclass registrant or its organization, but as solely practical interpretations on access to biodiversity in Brazil, to contribute with an overview of the concepts and compliance demands of the legislation in force. In the light of its own interest and consideration, decision-making, operationalization, and compliance effects related to the Brazilian ABS law, the Masterclass registrant, its organization and legal representatives are entirely responsibility for their own actions and consequences. It is expressly agreed that in any case or in any circumstances may the 14Bisness nor its instructor be held jointly liable with the Masterclass registrant and/or his/her organization and legal representatives for their acts related to this legislation.